Laptop or Desktop hard drive data recovered

Got a virus or malware infected computer with valuable videos, pictures, audio, or document files you can't access? We can get to those files without turning on your computer. We have special data transfer cables that pulls that data onto a flash drive, SD card, or upload to any file storage location you specify on the Internet.

Note: We cannot and will not copy or transfer any program or copyrighted files. 

The Process

  1. You remove the hard drive from your laptop or desktop computer. Instructions can be found on YouTube - search for "remove hard drive from a computer"
  2. Properly package the hard drive for shipping to us.
  3. We inspect the hard drive to determine if we can recover your data only after detecting and removing any virus or malware found.
  4. If yes, we send you a web link to FedEx shipping label to cover your one-way shipping costs.
  5. If No, we send you a web link to pay for the return postage to return your hard drive. If you do not want the hard drive returned, it will be taken to a recycle facility for disposal.

Note: Our equipment may not detect a WD (Western Digital) IDE Hard Drive.

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Document files

Below are the most common file extensions that we can recover. If file is located in your Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, or Videos folder, we can recover them.

  • .doc and .docx - Microsoft Word file
  • .odt - OpenOffice Writer document file
  • .pdf - PDF file
  • .rtf - Rich Text Format
  • .tex - A LaTeX document file
  • .txt - Plain text file
  • .wks and .wps- Microsoft Works file
  • .wpd - WordPerfect document
  • .ods - OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet file
  • .xlr - Microsoft Works spreadsheet file
  • .xls - Microsoft Excel file
  • .xlsx - Microsoft Excel Open XML spreadsheet file
  • .key - Keynote presentation
  • .odp - OpenOffice Impress presentation file
  • .pps - PowerPoint slide show
  • .ppt - PowerPoint presentation
  • .pptx - PowerPoint Open XML presentation

Video files

Below is a list of the most commonly video files that we can recover.

  • .3g2 - 3GPP2 multimedia file
  • .3gp - 3GPP multimedia file
  • .avi - AVI file
  • .flv - Adobe Flash file
  • .h264 - H.264 video file
  • .m4v - Apple MP4 video file
  • .mkv - Matroska Multimedia Container
  • .mov - Apple QuickTime movie file
  • .mp4 - MPEG4 video file
  • .mpg or .mpeg - MPEG video file
  • .rm - RealMedia file
  • .swf - Shockwave flash file
  • .vob - DVD Video Object
  • .wmv - Windows Media Video file

If the word or symbol "copyright appears" on any of these files, they will not be copied.

Image files

Below is a list of the most common image file extensions that we can recover.

  • .ai - Adobe Illustrator file
  • .bmp - Bitmap image
  • .gif - GIF image
  • .ico - Icon file
  • .jpeg or .jpg - JPEG image
  • .png - PNG image
  • .ps - PostScript file
  • .psd - PSD image
  • .svg - Scalable Vector Graphics file
  • .tif or .tiff - TIFF image

Data files

Automatically find & fix errors that prevent your PC from starting up.

Get your operating system to boot even when you can't do it by using a bootable CD or USB.

Rescue your computer from virus infections through our state-of-the-art IDE or SATA cables that can access your hard drive without powering up from your PC.

If you did create System Restore points your personal files and folders are safe. Only the system configuration is reset, meaning any documents, pictures, music, etc. that you created after that won't be lost in the recovery process.

Audio files

Below is a list of the most common type of audio file that can be recovered.

  • .aif - AIF audio file
  • .cda - CD audio track file
  • .mid or .midi - MIDI audio file.
  • .mp3 - MP3 audio file
  • .mpa - MPEG-2 audio file
  • .ogg - Ogg Vorbis audio file
  • .wav - WAV file
  • .wma - WMA audio file
  • .wpl - Windows Media Player playlist