Your Business should always be looking for opportunities to become more efficient and reduce costs. One simple way of doing this is to digitize your paper documents.

We offer document scanning services that will benefit your business by:

  • More Office Space - The amount of office space freed up by digitizing your documents can be huge, and, to underline this, the information stored on one 4 GB flash drive alone can replace nearly 30 filing cabinets.
  • Secure Document Storage - Data security and protection is a key issue for businesses to consider. There is a greater risk of paper documents being damaged, stolen or lost through fire, flood or theft. Scanned images can be securely stored in your online document management system, with security access at a user or role level. Documents can be easily shared with users in multiple offices and locations, providing secure, flexible access.
  • Longevity - Documents that have been scanned and then stored digitally will last forever. The documents won’t deteriorate over time, as is often the case when paper documents are going through different pairs of hands. Many years after a document has been scanned it will still remain in its original pristine condition.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Scanning your documents helps your business move towards having a paperless office. For offices that have always relied on a great deal of paperwork, the change to a paperless office can be very dramatic, but also very helpful in terms of the overall running of your business. Less paper is produced, proving friendlier to the environment. Physical transport of documents can also be cut, helping your carbon footprint.
  • Improve Customer Service and Save Time - Many businesses spend a lot of time searching through documents for customer information, which can delay projects and affect customer service response times.

Your digital documents can:

  • Be found quickly and easily using a simple keyword search. An often frustrating aspect of working in an office is being buried underneath a pile of paperwork. As a result there’s a greater likelihood of an important document being misplaced, or taking a long time to find. When a file is stored on a computer these problems should no longer be an issue.
  • Be organized in folders by name of client/customer, date, etc. and by using your computer’s search facility, will mean that finding the particular scanned document will be achieved quickly and easily.
  • Scanned documents can be easily distributed among other members of staff in an office, and, better still, this can be done instantaneously. Photocopying documents and then distributing them to employees, for instance, would be noticeably more time consuming and costly than digital documents.

Your scanned documents can save you time and money, can be stored more securely, easier to find and good for the environment. All in all, replacing paper documents with scanned versions makes good business sense.

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Process Overview & Benefits

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What is the average cost per scanned page?

Typically, a scanned page can cost anywhere from 3 to 8 cents. The price is based on the amount of manual labor involved in removing paper clips and staples.

Will this help prevent document lost?

Scanned records can be an integral part of your businesses Disaster Recovery plan. What would be the consequences of losing all of your records? Most businesses only have one copy of their company records and store them on site. This puts you at risk for burglary, flood and fire. Scanned documents can be backed up to a remote cloud server, external hard drive, flash drives, or SD cards which can really help solidify your disaster recovery plan

Will this save me money?

Scanning your records can help you share the information in those records instantly with a variety of users, such as staff and customers in multiple locations. Scanned records can eliminate the need for costly reproduction and mailing. They are also easier to track electronically. Document scanning allows teams to work on projects across geographic areas. Company records can be accessed, modified, and uploaded simultaneously by everyone in the office, providing valuable information to your employees whenever they need it.

Will this cut my document storage costs?

Storing documents in an offsite self-storage unit can be a costly exercise. Not only are you paying for the unit and the internal shelving but for your staff productivity being compromised with time consuming trips to retrieve documents. Cut your storage costs, the number of employees needed to maintain and retrieve records and improve everyone’s productivity.

How will I find a scanned document?

Our Xerox DocuMate 4790 scanner has built in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This means your scanned files will have a google like search functionality that allows for search of specific text throughout your whole document repository. 

Your scanned files can be stored in your cloud storage locations : Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Amazon Cloud Drive, FTP, SFTP, or Cisco.

All we need is upload instructions or access.

How will this save office space?

Storing paper documents in cabinets or Compactus® storage units takes up an enormous amount of office space. Imagine if you could leverage your office real estate by adding another income generating employee in the space saved or by reducing your total office footprint.