Cassette Audio Transfer

We'll create .mp3 files of your cassette tape and return the converted library to you via email attachment, on a flash drive or SD card, or upload them to your cloud storage account.
Whether you're trying to save the perfect mix tape of your youth, the audio letter from a grandparent, a rare DJ Mix, or merely a hard ­to ­find recording only available on cassette, you'll enjoy them again and again as digitally re-mastered clear audio files. 

VHS Video Tapes to USB Flash Drives

If you've recently observed those old VHS tapes in your attic or basement and realized the quality is starting to suffer - it's for good reason.
Not many people realize that those tapes have a limited lifespan of 15-20 years. The only way to save your home movies from disintegrating is to convert them to digital files that WILL last forever.

Our VHS transfer equipment can capture the content of your video tapes and save them as .mp4 files.

iOmega Zip Drive

Iomega Zip Disks were a popular storage media in the 1970's, 80, 90's and early 2000's. Given their popularity it's not uncommon to have disks in storage somewhere holding valuable documents, pictures, spreadsheets and creative works from the past. This data can be recovered and preserved utilizing our equipment and process.
We can pull data from Iomega Zip Disk (1995 – 2003) 100 MB, 250 MB and 750 MB capacity and save the files in their original format.

3.5 Floppy Disk Data Recovered

I can recover data from your floppy disks even if it has been corrupted or from files that can not be opened, is inaccessible, has a damaged FAT (File Allocation Table) or BOOT area, has bad sectors or clusters, deleted files, or been attacked by a virus.
My read only data recovery system is the best way to ensure success with recovering your data.